Calstone University Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities
Calstone University offers scholarships for each new enrollment of degree and non-degree programs. Please refer to the list below for our current scholarships available. Any applicant that enrolls with a scholarship to Calstone University cannot receive a refund of the scholarship granted.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship please fill out the scholarship application here and/or email us at for more information.

Application for Scholarship

Below is the offered scholarships for this current year

Calstone Dean's Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: $10,000
Must have concluded one full program at Calstone University
One Calstone University Dean's scholarship is available for any program and course the applicant chooses. Applicants must have completed one program with the very best attendance record and maintained a 90% academic progress.

Faculty's Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: $5,000
Applicants will submit recommendation letters, portfolios, and a personal essay for a great scholarship opportunity. Be available for an interview with some of the faculty members.

Los Angeles City Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: $3,000
This scholarship is for applicants permanently residing in the Los Angeles area and enrolling at Calstone University for two full program courses. You must be able to provide full proof of residency in the Los Angeles city.

U.S Veterans Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: $3,000
We are here to help serve veterans for their support to the nation. Many scholarships available for all applicants enrolling for any course and program. You must be able to provide your military service ID.

Tool Waiver Scholarship
Award Amount: Waive of tools and materials fee for one program
Scholarship is intended to waive the student's full tool requirement fee. The tools will be given to student after the acceptance and enrollment of the student's program selected. Tools given to student are state of the art professional tools.

Degree Scholarships
Maximum Award Amount: $10,000
Applicant must take a degree course and be enrolled for the full time requirement. This scholarship is renewable for 3 years maximum. Renewals must be applied during the course of each year and applicants must maintain a good attendance and progress record.

Jewelers of Tomorrow Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: First Place up to $10,000 and Second Place up to $5,000
Be creative and let Calstone see your creative mind at work. Provide a portfolio including some of your best pieces and you will get the scholarship to further your education, knowledge and skills.
Applicants must enroll for a full year of programs at Calstone University to qualify for this scholarship.

High school Senior's Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: $5,000
Graduation is coming and you know you want to start learning jewelry! Applicants must be graduating high school or have graduated high school in this year. You will have to provide official transcripts that show your outstanding grades but more importantly your exceptional attendance record. We encourage students that have had experience in school clubs, activities, art electives, or you know your crafty.

Modern Day Scholarship
Maximum Award Amount: $3,000
Get yourself modernized and get educated using the "now" technology. Applicants will be able to apply for this scholarship only if you are enrolling in the Jewelry CAD/CAM program. You don't have to be tech savvy but be sure to present Admissions with a one-[age essay on why you want to learn everything Jewelry CAD/CAM.

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